What to Avoid After Getting a Wax?

Avoid After Getting a Wax

After having a waxing hair removal, there are some things you should avoid after getting a wax. These include sexual intimacy and wearing tight-fitting garments. You should also be careful of chlorinated and salty water. Also, it’s best to exfoliate your skin.


After waxing, you should avoid exfoliating for a few days. This is because your skin may be irritated. Using harsh scrubs can aggravate your sensitive skin, or you could over exfoliate. A gentle cleanser is a good choice for your post-wax shower.

When you exfoliate, you are removing dead skin cells from your pores. These cells can clog your pores, causing blackheads, acne, and dull skin. It’s also important to remove dead skin cells between waxings. If you don’t, you will be prone to ingrown hairs.

In addition to exfoliating, you should always use a moisturizer after exfoliating. You can use a lotion with natural ingredients or a body oil. Use a washcloth or a sponge to exfoliate the bikini area. Avoid using loofahs as they can trap bacteria and mold.

The best exfoliants are ones that are made with natural ingredients. They can range from high end designer brands to homemade concoctions. Most are made with organic oils and nourishing Shea butter.

Avoiding Chlorinated or Salt Water

Avoid After Getting a Wax
What to Avoid After Getting a Wax? 7

One of the most important things to remember is to avoid chlorinated or salt water after getting a wax. This is because it can irritate the skin and leave you with unsightly bumps. Plus, it’s hard to wash off the stuff. To help combat this, consider a barrier lotion. It’s also a good idea to wear a pair of fresh undies, and take a shower immediately after your appointment.

Using a high quality moisturizer can also reduce the dryness and discomfort associated with waxing. If you’re going to the pool, it might be smart to wear a swim cap to protect your hair from the aforementioned chemicals. Also, you may want to consider a shower curtain for extra protection.

If you’re looking to get a waxing hair removal service before a vacation, schedule it ahead of time. You don’t want to be caught in the lurch after a long day of sun and sand. After all, your skin is a sensitive target.

Avoiding Tight-Fitting Garments

Avoid After Getting a Wax
What to Avoid After Getting a Wax? 8

The best way to go about achieving this is to consult your waxer or aesthetician. While you may have to endure the discomfort of being waxed, a little hygienic precautionary care will go a long way towards ensuring that you leave the salon looking your best. Besides, some people just can’t get enough of a good wax.

If you’re planning on getting a waxing hair removal, you’ll want to make sure that you’re wearing the right underwear. It is also a good idea to wear loose fitting clothing for the duration of the session. This will prevent you from snagging on the wax, and will allow your skin to breathe. Similarly, do your research and take note of the type of salon you visit. There are a number of quality waxing salons around the country. Fortunately, many of them offer disposable underwear for their clients, ensuring that you won’t end up wasting time and money trying to snare a few more minutes of your day.

Avoiding Sexual Intimacy

If you are getting a wax, you may want to avoid sexual intimacy for a few days after your procedure. This is because waxing can leave the skin inflamed and sore. Sexing soon after a wax can worsen the irritation and can even lead to bacterial infections such as folliculitis. In addition, sex can increase the chances of you or your partner contracting a STD.

Avoiding Sexual Intimacy

You can avoid sex for a few days after a waxing by following a few simple steps. Begin by using a gentle body wash. Then, allow 24 hours for your skin to adjust to the waxing hair removal service process. It’s also a good idea to stay away from activities that involve hot water or sweating. Wear clothing that is loose enough to allow air to circulate around the area. Tight clothing or leggings can also irritate the area. Swimming is another activity to avoid, since chlorine in swimming pools can be harsh on sensitive skin.

Talk to your doctor about any risks you might face after a wax. For example, if you have a urinary tract infection, you may be at risk of developing an infection that can cause pain, discomfort, and even pain in your kidneys.

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