Brazilian Wax Etiquette

Brazilian Wax Etiquette

Maintaining a smooth Brazilian can seem intimidating if you’ve never experienced the famous “hot girl surgery.” But fear not – with the right prep, technique and etiquette, waxing can become second nature between the cheeks. This guide covers everything from pre-wax exfoliation to post-care moisturizing, providing tips and tricks I’ve learned over years of regular Brazilians. Follow these best practices of “Brazilian wax etiquette” and you’ll be ripping that paper like a pro in no time!

Pre-Wax Prep

Proper pre-wax prep is essential to make your waxing sesh as smooth (heh) as possible. Exfoliate your bits 1-2 days before with a gentle body scrub – the cheaper foamy ones work great. This helps slough off any dead skin so tiny hairs are easier to remove. Bonus if the scrub contains soothing ingredients like aloe or peppermint.

Give your bush at least 24 hours after shaving to start growing out again. You want short, blunt hairs – not microscopic peach fuzz that’ll be impossible to grab. Trims are cool up to 48 hours beforehand to get it under control. Stay super hydrated by guzzlin’ that H2O for a week leading up to wax day. This keeps your skin soft and flexible for less owies during the rip.

Brazilian Wax Etiquette

At the Salon

When booking your appointment, let them know if you’re a newbie. Most places will go slower or give discounts the first time, since no one wants to scare off potential future customers! When you arrive, relax as much as poss – loose, comfy clothes that don’t squish things in weird places are key.

Lay back and mentally prep yourself for some discomfort. Tell your esthetician your pain tolerance so they know whether to tear off the bandaid ASAP or take it easy. Tensing up makes it hurter – breathe deep and remember it’ll be over quick. Ask questions if you’re nervous! A good waxer wants you to feel at ease.

Brazilian Wax Etiquette

Post-Care Tips

After your wax, at-home TLC is important for keeping things happy down there. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week with a super soft scrub as tiny hairs start emerging. Look for scrubs with soothing ingredients like aloe, green tea or vitamin E for extra calming.

Apply a thick layer of lotion or aloe gel after exfoliating – the more hydrated your skin, the less irritation when hairs poke through. Stay active but avoid sweaty activities, public pools and tight undies for 24 hours post-wax. Give everything a chance to breathe and calm down.

Schedule your next wax 2-4 weeks out – any longer and it’ll be more difficult/painful to remove longer hairs. Stick to your maintenance routine and with time, your skin will adjust and need less TLC between waxes.

Brazilian Wax Etiquette

Ongoing Maintenance

Once waxing is a habit, sessions get faster and less scary each time. Communicate anything newly sensitive so your esty can tweak their technique. Exfoliate 1-2 times weekly as maintenance to shed any loose hairs or ingrowns developing under the surface.

Gentle sugar or salt scrubs work beautifully for exfoliating delicate skin long-term without damage or thinning. If irritation occurs between waxes, take a break from exfoliating for a bit to let your skin fully recover before starting up again. Listen to your body’s needs – it knows best how to keep things feeling fabulous down below!

Maintaining good Brazilian wax etiquette through communication, prep-work and proper homecare results in optimal comfort and long-lasting smoothness. But remember – do what makes YOU feel your best. Your health and happiness come first below the belt! Protection Status

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